You've got events coming up, or the holiday season approaching, or new menus you want to roll out to your adoring fans and so much staring at you in your Google Calendar. Not to worry! Here's where the VIP Day comes in. 

86 Your To Do List

Work one-on-one with an experienced designer who knows hospitality in-and out to get your designs done in a day.


Why the VIP Day?

You don't need to overthink or overinvest to get your projects done, sometimes you just need clear direction, vision and efficiency. Here's where we come in:

Save Your Time!

The clock is constaintly ticking and you don't have months to wait to get this design work DONE.

One-off Projects

You have an established brand but need some new collateral fron an experienced designer, STAT!

Pros who Know

You need someone who understand your needs so you can get back to what you do best and OPERATE!

Just a few ideas of what we can do together:

Printables & Collateral

what this can include:*

*please note, no printed materials involved. digital files only

Product Packaging / Business Cards / Gift Certificates / Business Signage / Cocktail Menus / Full Menu Design / Takeaway Menus / Event Brochures / Special Event Promotions / Business Marketing Materials

Social Media Strategy

what this can include:*

*please note,you most provide all photo content for posts. for actual content production, see our services here

Social Strategy for event promotional posts / Social Media strategy and content planning for launch / Reels Templates / Story Templates/ Post Templates / Youtube Frames and Title Cards

Website Design

what this can include:*

*please note,you must provide all photo content for designs. soigne will not provide any media

Menu Page Design / Sales Page Design / Insta Links Page / Order Form Page / One-Page Website Design / Private Events Page Design / Booking Page Design / Showit Customization (limited pages)


Brand Design

Site design

social media

Branding Refresh

what this can include:*

*please note, no printed materials involved. digital files only

Logo tweaks / Color Palette Refresh / Type Set Choices / Updated Brand Elements / Brand Patterns / Solo Logo Design / Signage Designs

Just a few ideas of what we can do together:

How it Works


We'll help you get those lingering tasks off your to do list

We designed the VIP Day to make this as smooth and painless a process as possible, so you can focus on getting on behind the line or on the floor as soon as possible. Take a peek at our process below.


Once you've filled out our VIP Day application, we'll evaluate your needs and send over a proposal for how your day could best be spent and what we can accomplish along with a contract to get started. 

NO. 01

VIP Day Application & Consultation


You'll have access to our client portal to fill out your questionnaire, upload any applicable files and overall get ready for your VIP Day. We will then have a quick 15-minute zoom chat or call to finalize game day plans.

NO. 02

Pre-VIP Day Workbook


You've got our full 8-hour business day! We will be in communications with two check outs throughout and utilize Google Chat for approvals and notes to seamlessly ensure we can get as much of your agenda completed as possible.

NO. 03

Game Day


Once completed, all files will be sent based on our contractual agreement and we will send over any guides, tutorials and notes as necessary to ensure you have everything you need to use your new assets easily!

NO. 04

Game Day Wrap Up


You will have access to 7 days of email support (no design revisions included at this point) and assistance with any questions you may have about your assets. 

NO. 05

Follow Up

your investment

You're just weeks away from your new iconic brand.

Click the link below to book a free discovery call to plan the best route to get your to-do list off your desk!

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Need a less intense brand package?

Perhaps a semi-custom brand is up your alley?

Hey guys, I still have some questions!

You may be wondering about a few things

What projects aren't covered in the VIP Day?

What happens if we don't finish in a day?

How much prep work is involved?

Do I need to be available on the day?

What if I need help using my designs?

Do you do other design work besides what's listed above?


Website Design & Customization

The Brand Bar: Our Semi-Custom Brand Suites

Ready to scale? We can build your site from the ground up or customize one of our Showit Website Templates. Let's get to work on your brand new address.

You really need more than a logo and you want to dig in to create the brand that will truly represent your business. We're here to make that happen! Take a look at our brand intensive and explore our options. 

We have a variety of limited-quantity brand suites available as an affordable and time-friendly option to get your show on the road!

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